Owning ‘ordinary’

The best subject to write about is the one you are closest to.

Sitting at my desk at work (*yawn*), feeling numb after a day of content reorganising, I realised I didn’t know the first thing about starting a book. What do I even write about?

Ever since high school I’ve been fixated on the idea that, being an* old soul, wise beyond my years, an autobiographical slash self-help novel would be just the ticket. But then Aunty Doubt came knocking and I wondered… ‘Yeah wow, why would anyone care about the musings of a nobody?‘. I don’t have any significant, out of the ordinary tale to tell that would entice anyone to pick up my book. So then I thought damn, back to the drawing board.

But not really. In my dazed state I’ve been staring on and off at some pretty spot-on words of wisdom stuck behind my monitor over a year ago. Words any aspiring author/editor should live by – to write without fear, and edit without mercy.


I decided to throw caution to the wind and choose to write about something I’m comfortable exploring over the next several months. Working title: Growing up ordinary.

* Fixed to ‘an’. Showed too much mercy when I hit publish.