Writing and… stuff.

It’s not every day that you find something you are truly passionate about.

Ever since I was a precocious pre-teen writing in my lockable diary (that didn’t keep anyone out mind you, much to my chagrin), I’ve enjoyed the practice of writing down my thoughts. Not so much a stream of consciousness style of writing, but carefully considered writing where I turned each word, each sentence over and over in my mind until I was happy with how it sounded.

It only took about ten years, but I’ve finally transitioned that practice into a digital space. Set up in response to a task set for me at the commencement of three painful years of study (which after my undergraduate course I had said I would never do to myself again), this blog is intended to solidify a passion for writing and editing web content.

It’s a passion I didn’t know I had, until it slapped me in the face while changing jobs a few years ago – as the job listing fell into the category of ‘stuff I’m generally good at and can probably make a living from’, I of course did not hesitate to apply. One thing lead to another and now here I am, a content editor slash communications coordinator, skilled at making underwhelming copy sound good.

I can honestly say it has been liberating finding something I am passionate about. It makes you feel a sense of self-assurance you never thought possible, giving you an identity you can develop as little or as much as you want. Which brings me back to the purpose of this blog. It’s a response to a creative assignment, yes, but I intend for it to also live on as a tool I will use to share new ideas, works and opinions long after the assignment has been graded.

You know, to make the effort worth it and whatnot.