profile-picI always find it difficult writing a snippet about myself, because it entails having to answer the nauseatingly existentialist question of who I am. How do you begin to define who you are? Do you define yourself based on fact (name, age, whereabouts and occupation), or are you better defined by your likes and dislikes?

Honestly I have no freakin’ idea.

To start small – my name is Dunja Zibar (née Spasic). I’m a full-time web communications expert and part-time student of Curtin University, located in (but not native of) Melbourne.

I would say I’m an entirely self-proclaimed (yet to be contradicted) content editing extra-ordinaire, and generally all-round awesome individual.

I enjoy a random assortment of the finer things in life – reading (mostly within the fantasy/sci-fi genre), drawingwatching quality programming on various streaming services and listening to music on Spotify.

You know that clichéd question, ‘which side is your dominant side’? Whether you’re right-brained (creative) or left-brained (analytical)? I’m your straight-down-the-middle kind of gal. Forever aspiring to be more creative than my lazy self can manage, not quite motivated enough to handle being analytical and “organised”, or whatever…

In the spirit of being on the fence, I decided to start this blog to challenge and evolve both aspects of my personality. To do this, I will be attempting to write regularly (about anything and everything), with the ultimate aim being to publish a novel.

Let’s see how that goes, eh?